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Frequently Asked Questions ? Climate, environment, and strolling in Murodo-daira

Transportation & Access

How can I get to the hotel from Tokyo, Osaka, or Nagoya?

Please check here for access details.

How can I get to the hotel from Toyama Airport?

Please check here for access details.

Where can I purchase tickets for Murodo?

Please refer to this website .

Is it possible to purchase tickets for the Alpine Route in advance?

If you are traveling from the Toyama Prefecture side, it is possible to purchase tickets from Tateyama Station on the Alpine Route Web Ticket Reservation page.

Climate & Clothing

What type of clothes do I need?

Since Murodo-daira is located at high altitude, the temperature is about 12 to 15 degrees lower than that in the flatlands. You should, therefore, bring rain gear or warm outfits for cold weather in preparation for a rapid change in weather and other contingencies. For footgear, sneakers or trekking shoes are recommended. The Hotel lends boots for free (only to overnight guests).

Tips regarding clothing and what to bring with you:

Points of Interest

What is there to see in Murodo?

Please refer to this website.

I’d like to see snow. When is that possible?

In April and May, the Murodo plateau is covered in plentiful snow. The snow normally remains until June. Snow has usually disappeared from the boardwalks around the hotel by late June, and from Mikuragaike pond by late July. The first snows fall on the Murodo plateau in October with continuous snow cover from November.

Can I walk along the snow corridor at any time?

The snow corridor is a road used by local and chartered buses. From April to June, the roadside strip is not exposed for walking on and it is difficult for bus drivers to see pedestrians. We do not recommend walking along the road except when a walking event is being held. Please participate in an organized "Yuki-no-Otani" Snow Wall Walk or one of Hotel Tateyama’s “Snow Wall Walk” events.

How can I visit the snow corridor?

There is an exit leading to the snow corridor on the 1st floor of Murodo Terminal. The entrance to the snow corridor is about 100 m from the exit, and the highest snow walls are about 400 m ahead along the corridor, about a 20-minute walk. The total walking time required is about 1 hour.

Baggage Delivery Service

I want to have my baggage delivered from the hotel I stayed the day before to Hotel Tateyama. How should I do it?

There is a same-day delivery service to deliver your baggage from the hotel where you stayed the day before (Unazuki Hot Spring, Toyama City, or Omachi Hot Spring) or from Toyama Station or Shinano-Omachi Station to Hotel Tateyama.

Please click here for details

I am going to stay at Hotel Tateyama and then at the Midagahara Hotel the following day. Can I have my baggage delivered to the Midagahara Hotel?

When you stay at Hotel Tateyama and then at the Midagahara Hotel, we will deliver your baggage (free of charge) to the Midagahara Hotel. Please leave your baggage with the front-desk clerk when you check out. Your baggage will arrive at the next hotel around 4:00 p.m.

Facilities & Services

Is it possible to use credit cards?

Yes, the following cards are accepted:JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMEX, DINERS, DC, UC, UFJ, NICOS, SAISON, JTB, JAL, Cedyna, APLUS, JAL, Debit, Discover, China Union Pay

Is there a smoking area?

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the hotel. If you wish to smoke, please use the smoking booth in front of the public baths.

Can I connect to a Wi-Fi network?

You can use Free Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) service in the guest rooms,the front lobby on the 3rd floor,the lounge on the 5th floor,the restaurants and the Cafe "Rindo".The hotel does not have facilities for lending computers.

What amenities, facilities, and lending services are available at your hotel?

Please check here for details.

I don’t feel comfortable using the public bath... Are there any other options?

The hotel has an additional family bath available for private use.
Please check here for details.

Is it possible to avoid foods that I cannot eat due to allergies or religious beliefs?

At Hotel Tateyama, we will try our best to accommodate guest’s menu requests regarding food allergies or religious beliefs.
■Dinner (Japanese Restaurant “Tateyama” & French Restaurant “Tsurugi”)
Please inform us of any foods that you cannot eat before your stay.
A menu that does not include those foods will be prepared.
Please contact us at least 10 days before check-in.
■Breakfast (Japanese Restaurant “Tateyama”)
The menu for the Japanese & Western Buffet is the same for everyone.
Information on the ingredients of each dish are displayed in front of it.
Pork, Beef, Chicken, Lamp, Fish, Shellfish, Alcohol, Crab, Shrimp, Peanut, Eggs, Wheat, Buckwheat, Milk
Please Note:
1.Information on ingredients is based on information received from our suppliers.
2.Meals are prepared in the same kitchen as the main menu. The same utensils are used to cook and clean.
3.It is therefore impossible to guarantee that meals will be completely free of allergens or prepared in accordance with precise religious beliefs. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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