Events & Activities

At Hotel Tateyama, we host a number of events to ensure in order to fully enjoy the time spent in Tateyama.
We hope that the memories of Mother Nature's miraculous scenery and your time spent at this home-away-from-home will stay with you forever.

Please note that activities may be cancelled due to bad weather or other reasons beyond our control.

Raicho(Ptarmigan) Watching Tour

Mt. Tateyama is home to a rare and wonderful bird; the Raicho bird (Ptarmigan), also known as the messenger of God. Grab your camera (or smartphone!) and join us on a tour to watch these beautiful birds in their rugged natural environment.

Schedule May 16 – July 1 Every day at 9:00AM
Time 75 minutes
Place Mikurigaike Area
Meeting Point Front desk (please arrive 5 minutes prior to the departure time.)
Application No reservation required
Entry fee Free
Important Information The tour involves walking in the snow, so make sure you watch your step. Complimentary boots and trekking poles are available if you should require them.

Raicho Watching’s Raicho (Ptarmigan) Encounter Rate

May Early-June Mid-June Late-June Period average
2014 92% 88% 100% 90% 92%
2015 100% 100% 75% 40% 79%
2016 93% 100% 100% 80% 92%
2017 93% 85% 100% 100% 97%
2018 100% 100% 100% 89% 96%
2019 100% 100% 88% 50% 86%
2020 closed closed closed closed closed
2021 93% 100% 100% 28% 74%
2022 87% 100% 100% 50% 85%


Star Gazing (with commentary)

Featuring a special guest speaker from the Toyama Prefectural Astronomical Society, this event starts with a short lecture on how to observe the stars, packed with interesting facts and stories about the starry sky in different seasons. This event is great fun for veteran stargazers and total beginners alike!

Schedule(2024) June 1,4,8,29
July 2,6,13
August 3,12,31
September 7,26,28
October 5,7

Total 15 times
Time 8:30 PM
Meeting Point 3F Café "Rindo"
Application No reservation required
Entry fee Free
Additional Information After a short lecture on stars and how to use a telescope at Café Rindo, we will move to the hotel rooftop. Please note that bad weather or other conditions may require us to cancel the tour at short notice.