Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

How we keep your personal information safe

Tateyama Kanko Terminal Co., Ltd.
Hotel Tateyama

At Hotel Tateyama, the following measures are taken to safeguard the personal information of our guests.

Collecting personal information

Hotel Tateyama will collect your personal information in the following situations.

  1. When you make a reservation (by phone or online)
  2. When you sign the hotel register during check-in
  3. When you register for the Guest Membership
  4. When you using the delivery service (at the booth)
  5. When you answer the survey
  6. Other (If your personal information must be collected for any services other than those listed above, we will inform you in advance about the purpose, the type of information collected, and how it will be handled.
  7. Ordering products (mail-order)

Safeguarding your personal information

  1. All personal information collected from guests will be stored only as records of service given, and will be destroyed after a fixed period of time.
  2. Hotel Tateyama will not provide your personal information to third parties without your prior consent. However, the following circumstances may require us to disclose your information without your consent to the minimum extent necessary.
    - When sharing information between our group's three companies (For sending information about events and confirming entry, for sending direct mail)
    *Group companies: Tateyama Kurobe Kanko Co., Ltd., Tateyama Kurobe Service Co., Ltd.
    - When required by law, or when necessary for the protection of your life, health, possessions, or rights in situations where gaining your consent proves difficult.
    - When in cooperation with national or local authorities to enforce the law or carry out legal process.
  3. Hotel Tateyama implements safety measures for the management, handling, and the systems involved in these areas to protect against the hacking, destruction, altering, or leaking of your personal information.


For any inquiries regarding the disclosure of your personal information or other similar questions, contact our consultation desk.

Tateyama Kurobe Kanko Co., Ltd. Personal Information Consultation Desk
(Opening hours
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding Saturday/Sunday/Holidays/New Year's Period)
Address: 1-1-36 Sakura-machi, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken 930-8558
PHONE: 076-441-3132

Terms of Service

Tateyama Kurobe Kanko Co., Ltd. (our company) establishes the following regulations regarding the user's usage of our company's internet reservation service.

Article 1 Basic Rules

  1. When using our service, users must adhere to public internet manners and morals, technical rules, Japanese law, and established public customs.
  2. We forbid the use of this service for commercial use (e.g., proxy for services requiring a fee), regardless of reasons involved.

Article 2 Violation of Basic Rules

If we have determined that the user has used the internet to defame our company, impede our business, or inconvenience or disadvantage a third party, we may forbid the user from using our company's facilities and may seek recovery for damages.

Article 3 Scope

The terms of service apply to our company and the users of the service defined in Article 4.

Article 4 Service

Our service is defined as our handling of applications for reservations for our company's accommodation facilities (Hotel Tateyama) made via the internet through the methods that our company has defined.

Article 5 Use of Service

  1. Our service is useable only by users who have agreed with the Terms of Service.
    Users agree to the Terms of Service upon making a reservation with our service.
  2. When the user mentioned in the preceding paragraph uses our service, they must adhere to the regulations defined by the Terms of Service as well as a lodging agreement defined by the hotel.

Article 6 Requesting reservations

Please accurately input the all of the required information into the reservation form.
If we determine that the personal information data inputted into the reservation form is incorrect, we may nullify the reservation.

Article 7 Finalizing reservations

Hotel reservations are considered to be finalized when the user is sent an email notifying that the reservation is confirmed, or when the user is notified of the reservation being confirmed via phone or other appropriate method.

Article 8 Nullifying reservations

Notwithstanding Article 7, when our company determines that the user has violated the Terms of Service or has committed an act outlined in Article 9, we may nullify the user's reservation without prior notice.

Article 9 Prohibited use

We prohibit the following acts for the use of our service.

  • Applying with false or invalid information during reservation
  • Applying for a reservation for a third party without their prior consent
  • Unreasonably impeding our service, causing disadvantage for our company, or committing any act that may lead to the aforementioned
  • Violating the rights, causing harm, or committing any act that may lead to the aforementioned in regards to other users or third-parties.
  • Committing any violation of the law or public policy, or committing any act that may lead to the aforementioned
  • Any other act not listed above that our company determines to be inappropriate

Article 10 Changing or cancelling reservations

  1. The changing or cancelling of a reservation is considered finalized when the appropriate accommodation facility is contacted via the service, phone, or other appropriate method and when the user is sent an email notifying of the completion of the changing or cancelling of the reservation or when the user is notified of the completion of the changing or cancelling of the reservation via phone or other appropriate method.
  2. The penalty fees involved for cancelling reservations are listed in Annexed Table 1

Article 11 User Information

  1. Our company will not provide third parties with personal information collected from the user for the provision of the service, except in the following circumstances.
    • When requested to by a public body with the legitimate right
    • When the user has given their consent
    • When an unavoidable case requires an emergency response
  2. Our company may use the user's personal information for the purpose of service usage trend research. In this case, we will not provide any third-party with information that may identify the user.

Article 12 Payment

  1. The user will be notified by our company via e-mail, phone, or other appropriate method regarding the finalization of the reservation and all fees involved.
  2. The accommodation fees must be paid at the appropriate accommodation facility upon check-in via the methods defined by the appropriate accommodation facility.

Article 13 Suspending service

Our company may suspend the service without prior notice when required to in order perform server maintenance or in the case of an emergency.

Article 14 Disclaimer

  1. By using this service, the user agrees to release our company from all liability regarding inconvenience or damage caused to a third party, and assumes all liability for settling the matter without involving our company.
  2. Our company is not liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the user being unable to use the service for reasons listed in Article 13.
  3. The service is intended for users with language systems (displayed Japanese), e-mail services, printers, and other devices that are properly set up and functioning. Our company is not liable for any results or effects caused by operation that does not fall under this condition. Our company is not liable for the system malfunctioning or any results arising from malfunction caused by any disruption involving the user's computer environment or causes beyond the control of our company (e.g., telecommunication environment disruption).

Article 15 Other

  1. Our company reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time without notifying the user. Please read the Terms of Service upon each use of the service. When the Terms of Service has been updated, the previous Terms of Service becomes void.
  2. In regards to the use of our service, any matters not specified by these regulations will be interpreted as adhering to the law and established public customs.
  3. In regards to the use of our service, when a problem occurs that is not specified by these regulations, the parties involved will cordially settle the matter between themselves.

Additional clauses

This Terms of Service shall come into force as of April 10, 2003.

Annexed Table 1

For both hotels (penalty fee)

Y-axis: Number of parties to the contract X-axis: When the contract was terminated

  No-show Same
day notice
With 1
day notice
With 2
days notice
With 3
days notice
With 4
days notice
With 5
days notice
With 7
days notice
With 14
days notice
With 15
days notice
With 30
days notice
Up to 14 people 100% 100% 80% 50% 50% 20% 20% 20%      
15 – 30 people 100% 100% 80% 50% 50% 20% 20% 20% 10%    
31 – 100 people 100% 100% 80% 50% 50% 20% 20% 20% 10% 10%  
Over 101 people 100% 100% 80% 50% 50% 30% 20% 20% 20% 15% 10%


  1. The percentages for the penalty fee are calculated using the standard stay cost.
  2. A penalty fee of 1 day (first day) will be charged upon reducing the number of days booked, regardless of the number of days.
  3. When part of a group (15 people or more) makes a cancellation, no penalty fee will be charged for the number of people equaling 10% of people booked (rounded up when number is a fraction) when we are given 10 days notice (counting from the day that we confirm the cancellation).

Penalty Exemptions

  1. If the Japan Meteorological Agency issues a special warning regarding weather, tsunami, volcano, or earthquake (seismic motion) in eastern Toyama Prefecture (Toyama City and Tateyama Town) and northern Nagano Prefecture (Omachi City) on the day of check-in
  2. If transportation on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is suspended on the day of check-in
  3. If the rail or air travel scheduled for the day of check-in subjects you to an exemption from cancellation charges (no-charge policy) due to weather or other reasons
  4. If the expressway or major national highway you plan to use is closed on the day of check-in
  5. If there is a national or municipal request for closure or restraint of business due to the spread of an infectious disease
  6. If it is determined that you or your companion has contracted a contagious disease listed in Article 6 of the Act on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Patients with Infectious Diseases (the Infectious Diseases Control Law)
  7. If you change your dates of stay due to your circumstances. However, the new dates must be within the same year as the original check-in date, and you are only allowed to do this once.