Special Occasions

Hotel Tateyama is at your side with a specially-chosen menu to help you and your loved ones celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or any other celebration. Make your anniversary one to remember.

  • Champagne and Wine

    In France, they say that the bubbles make drinking champagne like drinking the stars. This is why the drink is a perfect match for the resort closest to the stars. We also offer a wine with a label featuring constellations. Torres' Celeste Crianza, brewed in Spain at the aforementioned famous winery, is the perfect drink to accompany steak or stewed beef. Make a toast to the stars, and enjoy.

  • Anniversary Cake

    Size 4 (12 cm) 4,000 yen(Tax excluded)

    Why not celebrate your anniversary with a special hotel cake?
    The hotel staff will help you stage a surprise, so please feel free to ask.
    We will put a chocolate plate with your name on the birthday cake. ("Happy Birthday!" is already inscribed). For other types of anniversaries, a message card will be provided.
    In addition, you will be presented with a framed commemorative photo.

  • Fruits Platter

    1 person 2,300 yen(Tax excluded)

    Spend a memorable anniversary with this colorful platter of assorted seasonal fruit.
    *Photo shows a serving for 2 people (actual platter may differ due to season and circumstance).

For guests with food allergies

At Hotel Tateyama, we have taken all of the measures that we can to ensure that guests with food allergies can enjoy their meals safely.

All guests will have the same menu for Japanese and Western buffet. At the venue, allergies are displayed on the buffet menu before cooking.
Please inform us about any food allergies you have when making your reservation. You must give at least 10 days notice before your stay for us to provide the appropriate accommodations.
[Important Notice Regarding Food Allergies]
  • All ingredients used at Hotel Tateyama are verified using the information from the manufacturers.
  • Because all food is made in the same kitchen and cooking/dishwashing appliances are shared between dishes, there is a possibility that a small amount of food allergen may be mixed into food served to you.
  • Please understand that due to the reasons listed above, we are unable to guarantee that any food served is 100% allergen free.
  • Depending on the severity of your allergy, we reserve the right to refuse service for your safety.
  • We ask that you read and understand the terms and conditions listed above before making the final decision about your order.