Enjoying Backcountry Skiing


April, May: Fresh Spring Snow

Spend the end of the ski season at Mt. Tateyama.

Murodo is one of the top "snow countries" in the world, making it a Mecca for lovers of backcountry skiing. Skiers and snowboarders alike gather here in April and May to enjoy the deep snow. Some of the best ways to spend this period are backcountry skiing on the season's remaining snow, free-heel telemark skiing, cross-country skiing through the forest, and snowboarding. Guests also enjoy strolling through the snowy mountain in snow shoes. As they say, "the backcountry skiing season starts at Mt. Tateyama and ends at Mt. Tateyama." Our ski season is especially long, making it one of the only places that you can still ski at after Golden Week.


Gliding through a world of platinum, and loving every minute of it.

3000-meter tall mountains as far as the eye can see. This dynamic environment turns downhill skiing into a truly breathtaking experience. Mt. Tateyama has many faces, and is especially beautiful on clear days. The glistening snow almost seems out of this world. After you've had your fill on the mountain, take a moment to enjoy the outstanding sunset and sunrise from the hotel. The sunshine turns red and shines off of the field of platinum snow, and the contrast of colors makes for a mystical view. You can even see the starry sky when it is clear out, and it is so stunningly beautiful that you could sit and stare at it for hours.


November: The first snow of winter

The irresistible call of virgin snow.

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is open before any other mountain route in Japan, letting you kick off the season in advance. Many backcountry skiers and snowboarders make the climb up the mountain in search of powder snow in mid-November. The course is ungroomed at this point in the season, making it popular for those who wish to climb up the frozen snow as is to experience authentic backcountry skiing to their heart's content. It will feel almost as though you rented out the entirety of Mt. Tateyama for yourself. Do not miss this experience to climb up nature's snowy mountain with your own two feet and glide right back down as you enjoy the stunning view.

A message for skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers in the Tateyama/Murodo region.

Snow season rules and guidelines.

In order to preserve the natural environment of the Murodo-daira area during the snow season and promote proper and safe use of the mountain area, the "Murodo-daira Area Snow Season Guidance Council," formed by local officials and official bodies, has defined the following rules and guidelines.

  1. Do not enter Jigokudani.
    (Fumaroles in the area emit volcanic steam and gases.)
  2. Do not enter the snow-removal work area.
  3. Do not enter the Raicho (Ptarmigan) nature reserve.
  4. Do not step on the creeping pines or other vegetative zones.
  5. We ask that all mountaineers, skiers, and snowboarders follow the rules below.
    • - Submit your mountain climbing registration form at Murodo Terminal.
    • - Always carry a avalanche beacon with you.
    • - Always carry a portable mini toilet with you.
    • - Do not use any snow melting inhibitors.
    • - Purchase a travel insurance policy that covers mountain activities.