Mountain Climbing Challenge


Advance preparation

Be careful when doing advance preparation

Among Tateyama's peaks, the most popular for climbing is Mount Oyama, which can be climbed and descended in a single daytrip. This is a mountain that elementary students in Toyama Prefecture climb this every year, so this walking course can easily be recommended for beginners. The best season for climbing begins near the end of July and proceeds into August, and it is best to begin climbing in the morning, when the weather is more stable. In the afternoon, climbers will often find their vision obscured by clouds that begin on the ground and slowly climb the mountain, even on sunny days. Also, the weather on the mountain changes quickly, and the temperature difference when climbing the mountain is also large, so please wear many layers of clothing and take them on and off accordingly.


From Murodo to Ichinokoshi

Take your time and do not hurry through the beginning

Ichinokoshi is about 984 feet (300m) higher in altitude that Murudo-daira, so while walking the cobblestone paths of Ichinokoshi, you can enjoy the scenery of Murudo-daira, as well as the more distant Noto Peninsula and Toyama Bay. At first the climb is gentle, but don't get overconfident. The slope gets steep in the second half, so try to conserve your energy as you go forward. If you walk about 40-45 minutes along a gentle walking trail from Murodo, you will find a small shrine (Harai-do). Here, you can pray for a safe climb. Also, the last public toilet is at Ichinokoshi Hut, so please do your business before continuing with your climb!


From Ichinokoshi to the peak of Mount Oyama

Climb through rocky areas with steep slopes

To get from Ichinokoshi to the peak of Mount Oyama, you will have to climb some steep rocky areas. These rocky slopes are composed of a mixture of large and small stones, some of which are loose, so you will have to be careful. The oxygen is thinner at these altitudes, so please climb at your own pace, taking sufficient breaks on the more gentle slopes. As you climb higher, the scenery opens up all of a sudden. In the distance, you will soon be able to see Mount Yari and Mount Kasa. About one hour after leaving Ichinokoshi in the direction of the summit, you will arrive at the peak of Mount Oyama, where the Mount Oyama Shrine is located.


The summit of Mount Oyama

To the summit of Mount Oyama, an altitude of 9852 feet (3003m)

Once you have finally arrived at the summit of the mountain, the scenery is truly magnificent. In the distance, you will be able to see Mount Fuji, Mount Ontake, as well as the source of the Kurobe River and Toyama Bay. The beauty of the scenery will help you forget the pain of having climbed the mountain! Also, at the summit of the mountain, you will also find the main buildings of the "Mount Oyama Shrine." This shrine, which was built about 1300 years ago, is the central location of the Tateyama faith, which views Tateyama as a sacred place where gods reside. At the foot of the shrine's gate (torii), visitors can offer a small donation in exchange for purification. Receiving purification and sacramental sake at the summit of the mountain are both priceless experiences.