Discovering Flora and Fauna


Rock ptarmigan

"Messengers of the Gods" at Tateyama, one of the three holy mountains of Japan

The rock ptarmigan was designated as a special natural treasure of Japan in 1960. According to a 2011 study, the area around Murodo-daira is home to roughly 280 rock grouse. At Tateyama, one of the three sacred mountains of Japan, these birds have been cherished since ancient times as messengers of the gods. [Points for finding rock grouse] In May and June, they often appear on top of trees and rocks in the vicinity of Mikuri pond, in order to be able to overlook their territory. Parents with accompanying chicks can also often be found searching for food in the pine trees, to make sure they have a quick way to escape from their natural predators, such as the black kite and the hawk. Why don't you check out in order to learn about where the rock ptarmigan has been seen in recent days?


The short-tailed weasel, Japanese serow deer, and Japanese monkey

The animals that continue to live their lives on the high mountains

The short-tailed weasel can usually be found in rocky areas. It might look adorable, like a stuffed animal, but it is a respectable carnivore that preys on mice and rabbits. It is also a natural predator of the rock ptarmigan. In the summer its outer fur will be brown, but in the winter it becomes pure white. It is naturally very cautious, so if you do find one, take care not to frighten it away! Also, in the vicinity of Bijo-daira, at an altitude of between 3280-4921 feet (1000-1500m), you can find the Japanese serow deer, which has been designated as a special natural treasure. It is specially adapted to living in rocky areas, and its thick feet with a soft back of the hoof are one of its most distinguishing features. The Japanese monkey is easy to find between May and July. In fact, they sometimes even appear on the roadways!


Alpine plants

Fall in love with pretty alpine plants

Alpine plants that grow in the special highland environment have a different appearance than plants that grow in the lowlands. In these difficult environmental conditions, where the air is thin and the radiation from the sun's light is intense, many alpine plants still bloom beautifully. Murodo-daira is a multicolored mosaic in the short spring and summer seasons, when all the flowers bloom together, bathed in the light of the sun.

  • Iwakagami
    Flowering season: June - August
  • Alaska
    Harebell Flowering season: July - August
  • Avens
    Flowering season: June - August
  • Lilium
    medeoloides Flowering season: July - August