Nothing improves a wonderful vacation like a delicious meal.Both dinner and the buffet breakfast are made using plenty of fresh seasonal ingredients sourced from Toyama.Smiling faces around the table mark the beginning of a wonderful dining experience.

Celestial Restaurant

An exquisite view representative of a mountain-top restaurant.A view of the majestic Mt. Tateyama, sea of clouds, and the plateau spreads just outside of the window. Having the beauty of nature nearby can only make your food taste even better.View the glorious Murodo Plateau from the second floor of French Restaurant "Tsurugi."

Authentic French cuisine and Kaiseki cuisine

You can enjoy authentic French cuisine at French Restaurant "Tsurugi," and extravagant Kaiseki cuisine at Japanese Restaurant "Tateyama." We are proud to serve you dishes using the best ingredients that each season has to offer.

Eating outside of the hotel

Murodo Terminal, the highest station in Japan, has a cafeteria that is open to the general public.They offer a wide variety of dishes made from Toyama specialties, including their fried glass shrimp bowel special, pork cutlet special, Himi Udon noodles, and more.
Stop by for lunch while out on your walk.