SunsetSetting sun

As day turns to evening, the sky and ground are dyed in a vibrant red. The mountains begin to shine magnificently, and lights come on one by one in the houses down in the plateau.The sunset viewed from 2,450 meters above sea level is a work of art by the mountain with many faces.

The evening sun sinks down into the sea of clouds, marking the end of a long day. We call this the magic hour, because it's the time of day where the mountain scenery looks its absolute best. Feast your eyes on the grand spectacle performed by the sky and clouds as they gradually shift between orange, pink, red, and purple.
With luck, you can see a rainbow appear at this time over the Tateyama Mountain Range, opposite the sunset.

The time of the sunset at Murodō-daira is standard for this part of the world, although it changes somewhat depending on the place you are looking from.

date Sunset time place
April 15 about 18:30
April 25 about 18:40
May 5 about 18:45
May 15 about 18:50
May 25 about 18:50
June 5〜July 5 about 18:55〜about 19:00
July 15 about 19:00
July 25 about 19:00
August 5 about 18:55
August 15 about 18:50
date Sunset time place
August 25 about 18:35
September 5 about 18:20
September 15 about 18:05
September 25 about 17:50
October 5 about 17:30
October 15 about 17:05
October 25 about 16:45
November 5 about 16:30
November 15 about 16:10
November 25 about 15:45