The rising sun viewed from atop a mountain holds a mysterious power.
Prepare to amazed by this majestic scene.

Sunrise Bus

The Sunrise Bus is one of the activities offered at Hotel Tateyama.
Board the Tateyama Tunnel Trolleybus and ride to Daikanbo Station to watch the sun rise over the Tateyama Mountain Range from the station's rooftop viewing platform.

Sunrise at Mt. Oyama

Hotel Tateyama offers a tour where we climb up Mt. Oyama, a part of the Tateyama Mountain Range, and view the sunrise from its peak. The view seen from an elevation of 3,000 meters is beyond comparison.

Murodo Plateau

You can also view the sunrise straight from Murodo Plateau, home of Hotel Tateyama. Because there are mountains on the East side, you will only see the sun rise after the daylight has already begun.

Brocken spectre

A Brocken spectre is an atmospheric phenomenon that occurs on mountains.
When the sun is to your back, sunlight will reflect off of tiny droplets of snow and mist near your shadow, causing a halo-like rainbow to appear around it.

The time of the sunrise at Murodō-daira is standard for this part of the world, although it changes somewhat depending on the place you are looking from.

date Sunrise time place
April 15 about 6:30
April 25 about 6:00
May 5 about 5:50
May 15 about 5:40
May 25〜June 5 about 5:40
June 15〜June 25 about 5:30
July 5〜July 15 about 5:40
July 25 about 5:50
August 5 about 5:55
August 15 about 6:00
date Sunrise time place
August 25 about 6:20
September 5 about 6:35
September 15 about 6:50
September 25 about 6:55
October 5 about 7:10
October 15 about 7:10
October 25 about 7:10
November 5 about 7:15
November 15 about 7:20
November 25 about 7:55